In short, it is all spirit.


Angela Angel is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, art maker and community worker.  Angel’s focus has been as a documentary photographer and writer/poet.  Angela has covered a wide collage of stories, documenting everyone from musicians to workers.

Life itself has been her medium, which has manifested into other disciplines including her work as a mixed-media visual artist, textile crafter and mastering the art/science of place-based gardening/farming or what is referred to as permaculture.

Angela has exhibited and performed across the country and belongs to local art-activists collectives. During high school and college she deepened her writing onto the stage as a spoken word and slam poetry artist.  Her work is truly inter-disciplinary as she presents from the page to the stage:  When I shoot I frame and see colors like a poet and when I write I describe things the way a painter’s memory works.  I shoot like a poet and write like a photographer .  It’s easy for me to go in between and mix disciplines.  Everything is creation.  

Her most recent work, together with painter, Robin David of Bulan Adi Ko (My Sister Moon Collective) explores global issues through neorealism within still art.  Angela also runs Nature As Muse, a craft business dedicated to using sustainable materials.

Angela has studied and worked around the globe examining the realities of globalization and the movements for sustainable “alternatives”. She has worked for numerous organizations focusing on youth organizing, immigrant rights, global justice and ecology.

Current Work

In 2008, Angela presented, “Chasing Commodities,” a documentary photography exhibition highlighting the plight of cotton, corn and coffee farmers around the world.  In 2010, together with painter, Robin David, presented, “World Wide Hustle(rs),” a multi/interdisciplinary production in San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery.  The exhibit included over 80 pieces of work through photographs, paintings, murals, film, installations and other integrative pieces.   Inspired by true narratives from Chile, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Tanzania, World Wide Hustle(rs) told the stories of street vendors, public markets, transportation workers, farming villages and scavenging communities contributing to and defying the global economy.

Presently, Angela is working on a multidisciplinary visual series entitled, “Free Our Seeds,” focused on the growing threat to bio and cultural diversity by transnational agribusinesses.

The picture is not made by the photographer,
the picture is more good or less good in
function of the relationship that you have with
the people you photograph.
-Sebastiao Salgado

Creativity should always be a form of prayer.
-Ben Okri


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