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dear Rumi,

glad to know you were goin thru the same torment centuries ago.

The Truth stands before me,
On my left is a blazing fire, and
On my right, a cool flowing stream.
One group of people walk toward the fire, into the fire,
And the other towards the cool flowing waters.
No one knows which is blessed and which is not.
But just as a just as someone enters the fire,
That head bobs up from the water,
And just as a head sinks into the water,
That face appears in the fire.
Those who love the sweet water of pleasure
And make it their devotion are cheated by this reversal.
The deception goes further,
The voice of the fire says:

“I am not fire, I am fountainhead,

Come into me and don’t mind the sparks.”

i’ve been thinking a lot about what Tata said in ceremony – about all the elements being tainted, the earth, the waters, the air… except FIRE.  we still have fire to work with- to purify.

but it made me think about the war on oil, fossil fuel, ancient sunlight as they say… and all of those are forms of fire.

i have much to ask the sun…