Angela Angel came to this world with the purpose of bringing beauty and balance.  Angela is a healing practitioner, gardener, artist, medium/channeler and ceremonialist.   She has continued her indigenous lineage as a young traditional healer (Bontoc and Ibaloi tribes- Igorot, Philippines).  Angela received a vision directing her to explore how ritual and our innate psychic abilities can translate in the “modern world” as a step to bridge our ancestral knowledge and to begin healing historical trauma. She has since worked to integrate this directly with her social justice work.  In 2013 she began coordinating free holistic and traditional healing clinics with the Bay Area’s Healing Clinic Collective.  Angela is currently the assistant for Ancestral Apothecary, School of herbal, folk and indigenous medicine. She loves tending to her garden and facilitating the connection of plants with people.  She is a certified Western Herbalist and integrates indigenous ancestral medicine in her classes.

Angela began leading meditations intertwined with art and sound therapy techniques at the age of 18.   In 2007 she began studying plant and traditional medicine in the Curanderismo tradition in Mexico and Guatemala.  At the same time, Angela also began cultivating her work with the soil and traveled the world to study ecology and sustainable agriculture/permaculture. She is trained, certified and inherited ancestral medicine in several modalities including in herbal medicine, sound healing, energy healing, art & color and crystal/gemstone therapy.  She integrates all of these modalities in her work.  However she considers her most potent healing work as being a psychic medium.  Angela uses clairvoyance (and other psychic senses dreamwork, trance, deep meditation, ancestral and other guided channeling– all of which she considers “energy work.” Angela channels and communicates with ancestors and other beings through direct contact/direct physical channeling and translates “high frequency” language into 3-D Earth languages.) She is a seer and energy reader and travels dimensions in which she interprets visions, messages and dreams for others and for The Collective/the planet.  She is humbled to serve as a vessel in this lifetime.

Angela also has an herbal medicinal line of medicines at:  natureasmuse.etsy.com

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  • Energy and Psychic Intuitive Readings
  • Ancestral and Spiritual Guides Ceremonial Readings
  • Ancestral/Karmic Healing (using ritual, traditional ceremony)
  • Limpias (Energy Cleanses using Plants/Herbs based in the Indigenous Mexican and Americas traditions)
  • Karmic Imprints Removal
  • Herbal Consultations (Specializing in Philippine Herbs, Women’s Health and Nourishing Detoxes)
  • Crystal/Gemstone/Mineral Therapy
  • Space Energy Readings/Clearings (house blessings/clearings based on elemental foundations)
  • Spiritual Counseling (specializing in couple, family mediations)
My sessions are usually a blend of all of these, 1 or 2 of these modalities, or depending on what you need and how deep you want to go into your healing work.   Sessions last between 60 min- 3 hours depending on what level you want to go.
House/Mobile Visits available.  Long Distance/Phone Readings can also be arranged.
 Please inquire within about each service and exchange.  Pre-consultations are free.


Testimonial  2021-4

Testimonial  2021-1

Testimonial  2021-3

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testimonials ancestral transmissions - Untitled Page (1)

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Testimonial  2021-1

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