Gardening & Permaculture Services


  • Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (Permaculture For the People/Liberation Permaculture), Occidental, CA

  • Permacuture Skills Center, Sebastapol, CA

Free consultations.  Small-scale landscaping and organic vegetable/herb garden focus.   

Angela Angel,

Also available for ecological and gardening trainings (youth, environmental justice and basic sustainable gardening practices)




Land is Life Statement

The same elements that make a garden healthy are the same elements that make a people healthy:  sun, rain and being grounded.

My gardening experience is a story about “coming home.”  In 2007 I embarked on a trip to study global ecology and globalization.  This was pre-climate change headlines and just the beginnings of the urban agriculture and organic farming/gardening movement (at least in the United States).  On this journey I was exposed to both the light and dark of agricultural society in which I visited family farms in the countryside of England, miles and miles of monocropping and the heavy plight of Indian cotton farmers, small and cooperative scale organic farming in New Zealand and urban permaculture in Oaxaca.  After studying and traveling around the world in 2007, it was clear that I needed to mend my relationship to the earth.  Food. Soil. Land.  What was my connection?  I knew I had one- but up to then I realized how our system had created such a disconnection that land for me was always a heavy ancestral wound.

So, rather than being paralyzed from the reality of climate change and the inaptitude of being able to grow my own food, I got dirty.  Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.  I channeled my Lolo’s farming spirit (he was a tobacco and potato farmer in the Philippines) and my mama’s green hands (not just her thumb!) and began to garden.  I became a plant nerd and wanted to know everything about my food.  Tending to the soil has become my daily work out and I must confess I’ve got too many plant crushes <3 these days!

I am committed also to “coming home” by extending and applying these connections to the healing of our families and the ability for our communities to thrive.  Gardening is a means of both healing us and our connection to the land and restoring the earth at the same time.

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