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LAW OF ENOUGH:  A departure from positive bypassing to a more sustained, grounded abundance framework for keeping flow in all parts of your life

7 Week Journey Thursday Nights,  Online 6:30-8:30 pm PST 

Oct 21, 28 

Nov 4, 11, 18 

Dec 2, 9

Energetic Exchange $444 – 777

This will be an interactive, work and play-based circle.  We will be communing in a combination of personal, collective and systemic deep healing work– ancestral, shadow and mirror work, prayer and revocations and a strategic analysis of the historical financial systems at play.  Be prepared to come honestly with your relationships to abundance and scarcity so you can receive the teachings and dive deeper into the work.  The flow of the 7-week journey will include:

  • Defining Abundance and the Law of Enough
  • The Shortcomings with The Law of Attraction 
  • How To Be Abundant In the Finite:  Scarcity and Planned Obsolescence, Consumership and The Planet
  • The Hamster Wheel Is A Lie:  Capitalism, Time, Work and Money and It’s Attachments, + Revocations
  • Collectivism in Play, Practice and Experiment:  Economy, Collectivity, Free Energy, Balance, The Collective Enough
  • Your Work and Play Type:  Job, Happiness, Alignment, Enoughness, Rest, Flow, Your Belief Type
  • Conditioned and Unconditioned:  Emotional Currency and Relationships, Love
  • Getting Out of Our Own Way: Equanimity, Vibrational Upkeep and Cleansing, Personal Balance 
Each meeting will be filled with a guided moment to be still, a moment to move, a moment to release, a moment to play, a moment to pray, a moment to imagine, a moment to rethink and reprogram, a moment to dream, a moment to put-into-action and a moment to simply “be”, in other words to embody our abundance birthrights.  
We will be together in a formal gathering for officially 2 hours at each meeting.  After, the room will be kept open, up to 15 minutes for extra work, play and discussion, informally.

Register Here by 10/13/21

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