Training us to trust more

When we break things down simply in the matters of energy and frequency we are able to find comfort and understand that when relationships “leave” us it is not because anything is wrong with us- it is simply because the vibrations no longer serve us or never matched in the first place. This is the same case with all match-making processes- jobs, roommates, business partners, collaborations, collectives, a new city, a new home, old boos, old friends. THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS HAS OUR BACK. THIS IS LAW, simply. The moments when things feel uncertain and frustrating comes from a lag effect of our abilities to continue to TRUST AND STAY OPEN. And in those moments we are caught up in our questioning, in our grief, in our loss, in our transitions– know that this is the universe’s ways of training us to TRUST MORE and simply get out of our own ways.

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