False Prophets, Teacher Discernment, Stay in Your Own Power

As a spiritual teacher I am very aware that this is very much an age of false teachers.
There are so many people who know the words but do not live them, yet they attract the public with their charisma, and set themselves up as spiritual teachers.
Not a good idea!
Once you connect with this type of spiritual teacher you are connected with their energy and all they live and express; their errors and pain can become yours, as their words will carry false energy.
I find that so many people are gullible, easily led astray, easily giving away their power.

The false teachers take it, true teachers never do.

A true spiritual teacher always empowers the people, they never take their power away or make false promises.
There is nothing quite so inspiring as seeing people you are teaching completely transform their lives, their health, and themselves.
It is all about living the Truths you teach.
Only if the teacher has the consciousness of inner growth themselves can they transfer it.
Words are no more than the carriers of energy.
And whatever the teachers energy is, is conveyed to the participants.

Be aware and discerning!

All in all, the true spiritual teacher will be about Love.
Love is the Power of Creation, which is why you are constantly and consciously . . . choosing Love!
-Michael Roads

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