In 1 minute, tell us what you love about life.

i love.
every mystery unfolding
i love working with my hands, creating out of nothing– using beauty to problem solve
I love the wind and rain in my hair, the tangible warmth of the sun
i love our senses, to smell and taste the sweetness, to touch a baby’s toes, be a witness to every moment,
what blessings —
but most of all
to feel and to love- to grow and expand our hearts, to realize ourselves as creators, God, in flesh
i love evolving– spiraling towards a harmonious collective, a more balanced world than we found it.
i love my people, our resiliency, i love my relations, every mirror, each creature, each galaxy, every person- an entire universe, each piece of the puzzle
i love sounds, every tone, each vibration, all the colors, every day, a poem
i love the simple complex things, like waking up to a newly made beehive in the garden or the sound of the ocean’s wave and remembering
my role, my place in this everevolving multiverse, a tiny grain of sand, a star, a being in this moment in ourstory.

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