technology RANT

i hate facebook
i hate that everyone uses their phone for everything else other than calling each other and talking
i hate that in order for anyone to pay attention you have to use ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:
fb, tumblr, twitter, youtube, a second blog, a vine app
i hate that everyone puts up with having to post to all of the above
i hate that everyone uses ADD as an excuse
i hate that if i’m not on facebook i don’t get invited to anything anymore
i hate that BEFORE an event happens in our personal lives people– people are already contemplating if it is “post-able”
hashtag wtf how the freak do i explain a hashtag to my grandma– right, YOU CAN’T cause it’s #pointless!
i hate that companies make money of off our social/personal lives
i hate that no matter HOW FAST you post, it’s never fast enough

end of rant, someone turn this into a punk song now.
freak the matrix.

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