Rabbit Hole Discernment


  • many times information/people will accuse each other of the same things (so it becomes cyclical and an energy sucker– a good example of this is commentary on youtube clips, blogs, mainstream/altarstream news- there are actually people who are hired by the powers that be/the powers that were to “simulate” controversy through writing commentary- so people can become more “reactionary”, confused and waste more energy on it
  • if it therefore sucks too much energy- then the foundation of that information must be a false light or be based on fear
  • key word:  FEAR based– if the information drives you to FEAR, then that could be a reflection of something within you or something mirroring back deep within you that you need to work on
  • usually when something is of TRUTH- (capital T)- when you follow the string of logic – even if it’s very heavy, complex information (i.e. apocalyptic, martial law, world changes) will always lead to INSPIRATION.  i always say, “the solution lies in the problem”– every moment we are given is an OPPORTUNITY
  • practice discernment and always use your HEARTLOGIC–in other words TRUST YOURSELF- YOU ARE THE T/tRUTH, EVERYONE SHARES IN THAT TRUTH.
  • if it doesn’t resonate with you- it either/and/or means:  1) it’s not what you need right now or if ever  2) it’s not what you are ready for right now and it may make more sense when you have other pieces of the puzzle together  3) it’s simply a lie
  • the matrix is composed of not only the very well known “technology/media matrix” and the corporate systems matrix but a whole slew of other micro and macro parts including the religious matrix, the new age matrix- spiritual matrix if you will, the history matrix, the political matrix, the education matrix, the binary matrix, the cosmic matrix, etc etc.  — we can lump it all and call it the MATRIX INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!  lol 
  • the matrix is a “conditioning”, practice what it means to BE FREE again, REMEMBER how it was when the TRUTH so easily surfaced, practice “the basics”, the more you get out of that “conditioning” the easier it is to see/be the truth. 
  • practice open-heart/open-mind in other words, PRACTICE FREEDOM.

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