A collective visionary projection…

the dream world has always been a vital portal for me. i probably spend most of my time doing work in the subconscious now. when the overwhelmingness of the world gets to me, I DREAM. basically, it’s another form of prayer for me.

the kogi have appeared to me in my waking dream state and in my sleeping dream state. one of the things that the kogi believe, as i understand, is that this projection (earth as we physically know it/experiencing it/participate in it) is basically dead.. and much of this world is in a state of ZOMBIEism and at this point in (our) history our main/only chance to survive is to collectively dream our most best projection. this projection is near it’s end- basically over.


this means that at this point nearly everything is tainted… and every projection whether we start from technology or from capitalism or from “well intended” ideas, the projection will always lead to disaster- -this is because a false/faulty beginning will always end– no matter how long it can go or how long it can lie to itself, badly. (there’s no point in throwing effort to this place- it’s already broken).

that sounds scary but the process of life and death are elemental. we must find a way to bring death to this system by bringing life to a new world.

the few places that are NOT tainted are the places that have not been born yet. the places of our dreaming, of our yearning. the moments of conception, of intention. the seeds. the sacred. the places that we call “our best kept secrets” that we want everyone to know. in other words- the places that are FREE– the places that Monsanto have not patented yet, the places that the slavemaster have not pimped out yet, the place that remind us to of The Eternal Balance.


this is, essentially what it means to *TIME TRAVEL.

basically we have to start dreaming VIVIDLY, LUCIDLY- what heaven on earth will look like. mold it, shape it, color it, sing it to life– OUR BRAVE NEW WORLD.

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