Life as we twitt it!

Headlines read on The Independent today: THE TWITTER 100, BRITAIN’S TITANS OF THE TWITTERSPHERE.

Is that really where life is happening these days? Is this the point in time when 1980s babies like me OR JUST ME are so far gone from technology that there’s no point in trying to catch up to it. Kind of like when our grandparents decide that it’s not worth it trying to learn how to drive or trying to learn how to use the computer… It’s a cultural question just as a question of age and a question of access and a question of needs.

Would the Egyptian Revolution be the same with or without social media? My problem with these tools is that we still DIDN’T CREATE AND STILL DON’T OWN THEM.

Technology is moving so fast- but is our morality and “smart collective growth”- moving along with it? The media has a big play on this – as well as a big chunck of change banking on how much they can profit from it.

What kind of social analysis and collective psychological studies are being done with social media? The question, is the quality of our lives better because of social media? What are we trying to fill and are we full?

I was watching some commentary about Facebook the other day and according to some new studies- most of our once “close relationships” have been strained from the bombardment of newsfeeds from so many other people and robotic mechanisms. There are so many distractions on facebook — and all of us admittingly know this.. but every day we log on trying to touch a void.


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