Pulsating “Upwards”

Today (Gregorian 2.22.2012) marks the last day of Wayeb- (Mayan New
Year/Out of Time/Burner Days)– 13 Noj/Caban (translates in Ingles as
Earth or Earth Quake or Earth Pulse) in the Sacred Tzolkin Calendar…..
so first I want to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today is a good day to give thanks to Pachamama and honor her with your
own forms of offerings. Noj/Caban (in my interpretation) translates as a
day for great communion with the Earth’s heart — a time to listen to her
heartbeat and to get synchronized with her beat along with y/ours. It
would be a good day to break out the drums! 13 is the tone of Ascension.
The number 13 holds so much in the order of the sacred and tuning into
what we need to evolve, individually and how that is aligned with how we
want to evolve, collectively. So a good day to focus on this question:
“How do you want to evolve in this lifetime and how are you going to work
with the Earth so that both of you are able to evolve together?”– It is
therefore, also a day of Unity.

This great day marks the New Year and we will carry the tone of 13 Noj for
the rest of the time until the Solstice (Winter)– what an incredible tone
to start off with! We are blessed with opportunity.

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