Carla– if you so happen to be reading my blog and the Universe so happens to align– CAN I BE YOUR INTERN/ASSISTANT?!!?! SERIO!!!

“Only radical contemporary design will prevent the extinction of craftsmanship. There are a lot of techniques that are at risk of extinction. Younger generations have resisted following methods of traditional craftsmanship but this is what I have identified as a really fresh approach to fashion design. It is an untapped vein which keeps me going and it is what I find radical. It is not only in the design but also the larger political and economical resonance that it has in the communities. However, it must be noted, there are also changes in tradition. Tradition does not mean to stick to the past but to be truthful to something meaningful and the role of craftsmanship in the community has a sense of belonging that gives identity in an age of accelerated globalization. For me design is timeless. I believe tradition is not static and fashion is not ephemeral. I try to establish and maintain long term relationships with the communities because I am aware that every year we will be producing improved versions of our models.”

-Carla Fernandez on Design, Community Responsibility and Craftsmanship


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