A: so if we’re moving into 5D- what then would be 6D?
D: good question
A: and if a piece of paper is 2D- what would 1D be?
D: a dot.
A: really?
D: i’m getting a headache
A: no really- 1D can’t just be a dot– wouldn’t 1D be going back around the circle?–
B: 1Ds like an amoeba
A: but an amoeba as small as it is, still has form… so it can’t be 1D
D: my head hurts
A: it has to be something that is not conscious of itself but still has purpose to it’s existense. i mean things can’t just be flat to be flat?! 1D is back to the source- it’s everything. kind of something that exist to support the existence of others.
B: 1Ds a rock
A: but a rock isn’t just a rock- it’s spirit is memory. it’s a memory keeper.
B: i know, imagine how many lifetimes it’s seen, it’s lived through
A: and imagine all those rocks that have been smoothen out by the waves of the lake all these years..
B: that is profound
D: yeah, what a relationship
A: rocks ARE the ancient ones, they are god
B: so what’s after 5D?
A: BEYON-D. we can exist in so many ways- we could be a rock and understand we are a rock- or we could just be a rock
Tata: sounds like you’re having a really deep conversation over there
A: yeah- we went from 1D TO BEYOND-D within lunch
Tata: wow, and we’re over here talking about the cheese on our enchiladas!

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