Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

that is the best time to pray– when everyone is sleeping– while the subconscious is still wide open…

bring your pipes, your instruments, your songs

skip rocks–

heck throw boulders if you have to,

the matrix has a thick layer of forgetting–

this is the best time to get through.

A: so if we’re moving into 5D- what then would be 6D?
D: good question
A: and if a piece of paper is 2D- what would 1D be?
D: a dot.
A: really?
D: i’m getting a headache
A: no really- 1D can’t just be a dot– wouldn’t 1D be going back around the circle?–
B: 1Ds like an amoeba
A: but an amoeba as small as it is, still has form… so it can’t be 1D
D: my head hurts
A: it has to be something that is not conscious of itself but still has purpose to it’s existense. i mean things can’t just be flat to be flat?! 1D is back to the source- it’s everything. kind of something that exist to support the existence of others.
B: 1Ds a rock
A: but a rock isn’t just a rock- it’s spirit is memory. it’s a memory keeper.
B: i know, imagine how many lifetimes it’s seen, it’s lived through
A: and imagine all those rocks that have been smoothen out by the waves of the lake all these years..
B: that is profound
D: yeah, what a relationship
A: rocks ARE the ancient ones, they are god
B: so what’s after 5D?
A: BEYON-D. we can exist in so many ways- we could be a rock and understand we are a rock- or we could just be a rock
Tata: sounds like you’re having a really deep conversation over there
A: yeah- we went from 1D TO BEYOND-D within lunch
Tata: wow, and we’re over here talking about the cheese on our enchiladas!

for that one who listens to the wind, you know who you are–  you better know who you are.


My mother taught me to respect the wind the most.  She said it suffers so much.  Because it travels everywhere, it suffers.  It hits against thorns, rocks, and walls.  It bleeds, it cries.  But it also listens to everyone.  It is always there, always giving humans and all the earth, life.

-Martin Poz