DON’T POSTPONE JOY– on account of this system

many will think I am insane for this one but hey: DON’T POSTPONE JOY on account of this system that is. bumabaksak na… the system is falling apart so the $$$paperwork will all be useless soon. don’t feel you owe them anything. DON’T POSTPONE LIFE. DON’T PAY YOUR SCHOOL LOANS. DON’T PAY YOUR MORTGAGE. DON’T PAY YOUR DEBTS. DON’T PAY YOUR TAXES *there is no constitutional tax law and it is actual illegal- (BOYCOTT WALLSTREET). if you were born into the working class- there is no possible way to climb an empty social ladder or simply eat, shelter and educate yourself — WITHOUT acquiring debt. so… YOU OWE NO BANK. the only thing you owe is dignity to your children.

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