Monthly Archives: January 2012

Reality boiled down people do not want to hear Native People out. They do not want to recognize that they are part of a larger Occupying force. No matter how radical or political a person may be, in the end when a self-determined Native walks in the room and speaks on Decolonization most Non-Native people lack a perspective (therefore a superior philosophical perspective) on what it is being said…. So rather than try to listen to what is being said they tend to nullify, or argue into submission, the Native speaking. Here is why Decolonization is essential, most human beings whether White capitalistic or POC Radical cannot even begin to grasp that they are in fact seeking POWER and often times are “climbing the ladder” to be the perceived “Alpha” leader. When we speak on Decolonization and Indigenous Struggle it renders this subliminal energy moot. We are not seeking “POWER”. We as Indigenous People are seeking a better UNDERSTANDING of each other and the world we live in. We have complex relationship within ourselves and the Earth and the Spiritworld. In this complexity we seek a better understanding of how to live in harmony with that which surround and lies in us like our history and responsibility to our ancestors. So while other people present themselves as “Leaders” or “Better Informed” when we speak on our issues, they are so ill informed (if informed at all) they become uncomfortable with the notion that they too are Occupying our homelands and have a colonizers perspective. As my Brother so eloquently put it yesterday, “They have no idea what is happening in our world let alone what Decolonization is, so they feel threatened by it because they cannot be a “Leader” if things move in that direction so that is why they turn their back on it.”– Sirhc Ssor via Seth Goodman

in the north pole it rains red– toxic vapors accumulated from the rest of the world fall from the sky into the ancient fresh water ice in forms of red toxic pellets. the toxins tend to trickle to the poles and because the weather is in the freezing numbers what once were invisible vapors coming from our areas now come in bullets.

imperialism/capitalism is still beating only because of the social/ecological deficit. the only reason why numbers (employment, stocks, clean resources etc…) are showing an upward trend is because of this deficit. if you were to show the true costs of things- CAPITALISM WAS OVER DECADES AGO. what were running on now is a type of system that borrows from history and the future– we should start calling it the DEFERRED PAYMENT SYSTEM and all economists from now on should be called LIARS/MAKE-SHIT-UPPERS.

many will think I am insane for this one but hey: DON’T POSTPONE JOY on account of this system that is. bumabaksak na… the system is falling apart so the $$$paperwork will all be useless soon. don’t feel you owe them anything. DON’T POSTPONE LIFE. DON’T PAY YOUR SCHOOL LOANS. DON’T PAY YOUR MORTGAGE. DON’T PAY YOUR DEBTS. DON’T PAY YOUR TAXES *there is no constitutional tax law and it is actual illegal- (BOYCOTT WALLSTREET). if you were born into the working class- there is no possible way to climb an empty social ladder or simply eat, shelter and educate yourself — WITHOUT acquiring debt. so… YOU OWE NO BANK. the only thing you owe is dignity to your children.