3 Fashion Faux Pas

it’s hard for me to even enter this conversation because it’s a contradiction of my values all in all… and by default living in the world in so many ways -of every matter of our lives is a contradiction of everything (wow, that was a really bad sentence- you know what i mean!! this is what happens when you think in one language but you write in another!!)    but I think I have an important opinion and since I’ve been surrounded by it a lot lately… well here goes… I appreciate style and design but I loathe the fashion industry. so here are my top 3 fashion faux pas:

1) NEVER SHOP AT FOREVER 21 (of course I can pick on any other corporate chain- but this one particularly makes me cringe)  
-it’s just CHEAP in so many ways- the tailoring, the taste

-AND IT IS suppose to be CHEAP- they are the epitome of Fast Fashion.  While Forever 21 has changed their practices on labor since my friends at Sweatshop Watch put them on the spotlight earlier this decade — any company that has such a wide stretch on the industry will always have much of their products at a questionable paradigm for the environment and the people that make it.  put a 24 hour video camera on any of these companies-  tell me what you’ll find.  what happens when no one is looking?  *btw, WATCH BIUTIFUL!!!  besides even if they aren’t breaking anymore LEGAL RULES- human and environmental rights are a joke!  most of the time when laws are passed they are usually BENT as far as they can stretch it to the bare minimum of actually contributing to less harm to the world.  So if a worker use to get paid $2.00 a day under sweatshop conditions, under the new rules they can still get paid as little as $2.03 a day.  Or if a company starts carrying an “eco friendly green line” and that line is either too ugly or too expensive for people to buy — what happens to that stock?  Speaking on economic  and ecological wastefulness:  it either gets thrown away (most of the time not in the recycling) because the company is too greedy to give it away or it moves through the chains of retail command:  large department store >> second run chain stores such as Ross, TJ Max, >> ‘developing world’ malls who are trying to act like the 1st world  >>  1st world thrift stores >>  third world black market…    And I’m not making this up– I have seen nearly the entire process.   I’ve seen textiles at their rawest organic form, I have visited the textile industries around the world, i’ve worked retail, I’ve shopped at DDs!, I’ve hunted down for high end goods in my hometown’s Wag Wagan (Ukay Ukay)!!!

-they are design copycat whores! part of the problem with the industry is that there are no regulations on design… no one really gets credit for anything unless you are a big time Italian Designer (and that’s another story because a lot of big name designers get their inspiration from all the common folk) … FACT: what many of these box chains and big time designers do is hire researchers to scope out original designs on Etsy and the “Third World” Market– then copy it and sell it for their own credit and profit. it’s the nature of the business and everyone comes to a mayhem of paranoia from designsharks. (art/creativity also has its social rules of fluidity – but let’s be truthful there is outright stealing happening)

ohhh i just hate walking in their stores- i start feeling dead inside the minute i start seeing chevron prints and neon fringe pleather jackets!


so I bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans one lazy-not in my right mind-day from the above store I just criticized– those are the only things I’ve ever bought from there. i bought these things because they are as comfortable as spandex! and since i’ve worn them nearly weekly this year- they still have this very particular smell: TOXIC CHEMICALS!  i’ve washed them over a dozen times- and they still smell like they just came from the factory! the fact is, much of highly manufactured clothing from the industry (clothing that goes through a very very very long manmade and machinemade process of making and high environmental cost) spray there stuff with dozens of buddha knows what kinds of things that are bad for you (it’s just like McDonalds- it taste good for 5 minutes and after that it’s all bad for you)


Fashion equates following trends- that is the point.  But as I said, my appreciation is for style and design.  If you want to be LAZY:   FOLLOW TRENDS.  (Put it this way- fashion trends are for people who don’t mind having others dictate what they should wear).  If you want to have STYLE, if you want to express yourself truly in what you wear:   figure out what’s both tasteful and comfortable for you…  ask yourself these kinds of questions:

-would I wear this 3 years from now?
-would this piece of clothing last 3 years from now?

AFFORDABLE SUSTAINABLE FASHION. Let’s face it this concept is an oxymoron. There really is no such thing in this modernbackwards world. Even if you shop at thrift stores all your life- thrift stores are indications of surplus and local town economics. Even if you shop organics- much of the organic industry is still controlled by big box chains and so there is a lot questionable about labor practices and what is true organic. The essence of my fashion faux pas rant is just to be mindful.  don’t fall into the laziness of trends.

and this is dedicated to the spinning wheel and the Khadi Movement.

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