Answer To The Awkward Xmas Question:

For the 50th Time: Answer To The Awkward Xmas Question: Did you get all your shopping done?

LIBERATED from traditions that have lost true value, masked indigenous history and rituals under consumption… No we have not celebrated Christmas in years, instead we celebrate in gratitude. Stay close to your loved ones, always.

The Decolonization of Christmas Overtime in Our Home:

-if we ever get a tree, it’s the baby pine tree and then we plant it in our yard
-we go to a different church each year for midnight mass in hopes that we finally find one that suits us! (the most disturbing year was when we went to Our Lady of Lourdes in Oakland and someone yelled after the homily: “Oh please help these women who are trying to abort their babies, may they find the Lord)
-Christmas mornings are spent hiking or in service

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