A Statement on Durban as the Last Hope for an Institutionalized Agreement on Regulating the Earth’s Fever


it’s time we start working from a place of reality.  the US will never be a signatory for the Kyoto Protocol.   they have had nearly 15 years to make up their mind.  do not waste your time with deniers or disregarders — their allegiance is to greed and amnesia.  the most vulnerable cannot wait.  the earth cannot wait.  do not be disappointed with y/our efforts for you are only dealing with the deaf and blind.  focus instead on your most immediate spaces, tend to your most intimate connections, put your efforts with those who are already putting their hands and hearts into the soil and let that blossom out.  corporations, nation states and international institutes of bureaucracy– plutocracies operate on the assumption that the earth is dead.  when you live under this assumption – THE EARTH IS DEAD- you too operate like you are dead.  no soul, no life giving hope- only adherence to a numb and hollow world.  so please tend to the soil–  this is where the secret is and where you can hear the earth’s pulse at it’s loudest…  be with your relations– this will make your priorities clearer as the market system continues to collapse.  seeking justice is most important at the same time the most vulnerable are reaching points of no return.  the question of eco-eco (economic and ecological) justice has to be answered under a timetable.  If the train is moving faster than ever then this two-prong problem can only be answered under a  mechanism of HEALING.  the earth has a fever.  literally we feel this- higher temperatures, drastic changes in our earthbody, the cancer epidemic on humanity, the, the corruption of our food/medicine system– thousands of new allergies responding to all of this.  when you have a fever — it is a sign that your body is fighting.  with enough rest and vitamins most common fevers are self-regulatory and we can come back to a normal state within a short time.  yet it seems this time, as the earthbody– we are going through an unprecedented type of fever and instead of trying to heal with it- we throw money at it, ignore it and continue to do the things that exacerbate the coughing, the bleeding.  so justice must be coupled with a healing mechanism.  justice must become the healing mechanism..  what does this look like? work with the sun, the soil and the water– that is where we can answer both questions and that is where the healing happens.  under the earth’s design wisdom- this is what is known as “stacking functions.”  we heal, we give justice to the earth, we work the soil, we feed ourselves, we give back to the soil, the soil give backs to us– democracy is direct again and justice, work, healing, freedom– all become words interchangeable.   there are communities that keep one word for several meanings the word for tree, earth, children– are all the same word.  in fact you see you see this type of interchangeability in languages in our native cultures- the connections are so clear that there are no differentiation between the word, the meaning, the act, the transcental– our freedom is our work is our soil is our mother is our food is our children is our ancestors is our spirit is the wind.    …  our healing is our justice.

do not underestimate your local strength.  we must not wait for institutions. do not get into gridlock.  take root and we will start to heal.

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