A Society of Inclusion, Why Opening Space Matters

space has been claimed, named, stolen, taken, branded, sold, resold, franchised, organized, institutionalized, bordered, and in the darkest places space itself has been imprisoned–trapped with no flow, no life. that is the world where everything is privatized and nothing is shared.

there are many of us who fight to GET IN… while others of us are fighting to GET OUT. as someone who has been in the privileges and and struggles of both. i am referring to education, to society’s quos, to nation states, to the electoral process, an open mic, the INjustice system, the media, our neighborhoods, our places of work, our places of worship, our homes, parks, the air, the commons, our relationships. WE DON’T RESPECT SPACE.

in this world, our relationship to space is fast, we come, we go but often times we don’t observe. our buildings are built so we don’t hear or see each other. privacy is one value that serves certain needs. But there are also many of us who were raised literally by a village remember moments of a freer freedom.

for most of history, education was land-based anything we learned, we were taught by observing and relating to the earth. in other words, THERE WAS NO DISCONNECT.

the plant and animal kingdom have a way of self-organizing that keeps a perfect balance from birth to growth to consumption to death, even to emotion—which matches NO MANMADE SYSTEM– not capitalism, not industrialization, not the computer, not the internet, not social networking. humans use to be a part of that harmony, that perfect balance until some of us decided we should step out and CONQUER SPACE– conquer the perfectly balance kingdom.

here is the perfect modern example of how that disconnect happened:
land was stolen, people were stolen, the land that was stolen was tilled for cash crops by the people who were stolen. more people were stolen, more land was stolen– until a good amount of the earth’s land had been tilled for cash crops on stolen land by stolen people. the people who stole the land and the people had accumulated so much cash from the crops that they decided that life was too boring because there was no more land and no more people to steal. so they decided to make holograms of more land and more people– note this was not real land nor real people but it served as a model or a toy– like a dollhouse– holograms. they had the stolen people and the stolen land to replicate hundreds and hundreds of these holograms… until one day, one of the stolen people themselves found themselves interacting very same hologram that they had created. the stolen people were talking to their holograms! they called this FARMVILLE! AKA THE MATRIX!

this was really just a rant about how much i hate FARMVILLE and all it’s implications. wtf!!

ahahahaha– ok no more juice– ill continue this ramble in dreamland…

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