Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Imagine you are a boomerang– you have the ability to will yourself into one direction — get lost — and then remember exactly why you needed to experience this moment… and then the hope is that we are expanding at the same time…

There is a measure of self awareness called “The Mirror Test.” Animals are shown their own reflection in a mirror to determine if they recognize the image as their own, or mistake it for another animal. Humans, the other great apes, elephants, and dolphins generally recognize their own reflections, a very few birds do as well. Interestingly, some birds and dogs that can not initially recognize their own reflections can be trained to do so. Synchronicity is a form of mirror test. People see in the mirror of events around them the image of their own inner life. They see what they think, feel and believe, even their fantasies about what causes these reflections.

Everyone has experienced meaningful and unexplainable coincidences. They are explained by supernatural and religious beliefs, archetypal influences, or more exotic, sometimes delusional personal mythologies. Synchronistic events mirror these beliefs back to the observer and are often mistaken for confirmations of personal beliefs. Most people are looking into the mirror of events and not realizing the images they see are their own.