Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

The world is moving so fast and as I slow down to take it all in I keep coming back to a conversation I had with a great love.  We talked about- of course- the BIG QUESTION of what “system” was going to change the world and put it (back) in harmony.  We both concluded that capitalism (of course) and communism/socialism (to each own’s interpretation) could not bring us to the place we needed to get to.  I’m speculative of a marriage of the two as well– I think some have made this allegiance with what we elect nowadays as Democracy.  Capitalism depends on greed and the seize of finite resources and communism requires a certain amount of cooperation or a ruling order– but who is to say who rules and who doesn’t?  So what does that leave us?

Social systems are such a big experiment that the point sometimes gets lost in either the frivolity of details or the lack of details– or rather the few that control the details.  What kind of harmony can we learn from Pachamama?  What kind of poetry do we need to live?  What secrets does the earth keep in order to stay in the infinite vibration.  What practices do we need to keep?  What training do we need?  LOVE is so simple.  How can we make it easy for ourselves?

Think about long term relationships you have that work.  What sustains this partnership? (pardon the self-help jargon)

There is a spiritual question to be posed here.

How can we be auto-sustainable? (w/out the hyphen that is)

Here’s a new hybrid of a word:  Inter-Auto-Sustainable in other words interdependent/interconnected/interfunctioning

Dedication on inside cover of a book I picked up today. Cheese =D

I was looking for another Dandicat and found this one.  The dedication belongs to a used copy of  Mexico Mystique- The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness. This a moment in synchronicity as I found out the book was a basis for the speculation of the end of the long count calendar of the Maya.  Waters indicates a 2011 end to the cycle but still in December.  The text breaks down a lot of anthropological speculation and sheds light on the ends and beginnings of previous worlds (Atlantis, Lemuria, etc)

“Man’s evolution thus far had followed the line of descent of spirit into matter.  …  He had fully developed a physical body from soft androgynous form, with a division of sexes.  But he was not wholly corporeal, being receptive to cosmic influences and spiritual guidance.  Now he was ready to begin the ascent of spirit out of matter in full self-consciousness.”  -page 107 on the Laws of Manu and the Myth of Atlantis

yes, we do conference calls that last until 11pm. occupy wall street, peak oil, monsanto– environmental causes of cancer– you know the usual stuff we have to wrap our heads around and detangle ourselves from.

we are in the midst of history.. making history… and shaping history.

maybe a movement is a lot like falling in love– that moment where you’ve either built a foundation to fall into OR that moment THAT JUST HAPPENS. when you are swept away by the synergy of it all. to sustain a movement is the question and to actually create and vision what happens after the protests is the harder and bigger question. falling in love is falling in love but a relationship is much more than that.

we have double time in the groundwork — our task is to continue toppling imperialism BUT we need to start planning/creating what our relations will look like– that is: our relationship to land, our relationship to money, our relationship to property, our relationship to industry, our relationship to the commons. AND SOME OF THOSE RELATIONSHIPS WE NEED TO START BREAKING UP WITH. that is the first step.