i think sometimes people are afraid of their own visions because they can’t handle the responsibility that comes with that vision.  the truth is there is no 1 prophet.  we are all prophets… as we are all co-creators.

the rapid deja vu  has slowed down (or maybe I’m noticing it less) but there’s something else now that’s been itching.  I’ve been having visions of some BIG THANGS happening specifically for the month of October –this year that’s suppose to cast off a series of other events that’s suppose to accelerate The Shift.  I think it’s started and came early… (WALL STREET, TROY DAVIS, COMMUNITY MOURNING…)

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  1. .i. Feel it too. Apparently there was an article in the ny times about all the marches across the world. I will find it.. The energy is palpable angelita. We can almost touch it.

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