Monthly Archives: April 2011


and all of us, in these times…

1)  stop hoarding all that junk, you’re not going to need it wherever you think you’re goin…

2)  fear feeds on fear… and believe me, someone’s making money off of all of ours…

3)  and our fears stem from a very rational place in this madness but what good is it to be paralyzed?

4)  each moment is tender and special, LIVE IT.

5)  have you said, I LOVE YOU?

6)  more importantly, did you mean it?

7)  most importantly, did you show it?

8)  Death becomes all of us- parts of us die and are reborn every day– and what a beautiful cycle to be able to come back each time, anew.

9)  we are all co-prophets and pieces responsible for this omniverse– and we’ve all been praying for some things to die off… CHANT DOWN oppression and all its “isms” schisms..  if you want anything to die, let’s chant down this system that has kept us suffering and struggling for so long…

10)  we are all going through major changes, the earth’s transformation is real– we are all sensitive to these times- know humbly, that sensitivity you feel is a blessing and it’s a call for us to accelerate into healing and action.

10.5)  Even if the world ended, LOVE is eternal and is a manifestation of every other– life, the trees, the sun, even death … so LOVE, LIVE, and if we are going to DIE –fearlessly.

on a restless but very still night,